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Fans Chant “INNOCENT” as Aaron Hernandez Leaves Courthouse

I'm sorry Aaron, is being charged with 1st degree murder boring you?

I’m sorry Aaron, is being charged with 1st degree murder boring you?

Everyone knows that technically that those arrested and charged with a crime in the U.S. are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It’s not something that anyone wants to change, obviously, as it is intended to protect the rights of accused—especially in the event that they are wrongly accused.

That’s why the word “allegedly” even exists and why the media is obligated to use it when discussing the crimes of even the most obviously guilty of suspects. Playing semantics is one of the vital foundation blocks on which our entire justice system is built. Which has got to make you wonder about some of those other fundamental blocks as well.

That being said, the crowd of fans (which could have easily topped 100) that gathered outside the courthouse yesterday afternoon to chant “INNOCENT!” at former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, as he was taken back to jail after being denied bail, took the whole innocent until proven guilty thing to a whole new level.

There are some questions as to the makeup of the crowd. Were they Patriots fans? Hernandez jersey owners? Fantasy football league enthusiasts that are stuck with him in “keeper” leagues? Close friends and family? Desperate lonely women who write to prisoners—even if they’re on death row—as a hobby, providing them with money, love, support, and sometimes even marrying them?

It’s hard to tell based on the video, but it looks to be a mix of women of all ages and young men in their 20s. People who either are unemployed, on summer vacation, or took an entire day off work, to head down to Bristol County Courthouse to show their support for an accused murder who is alleged to have orchestrated an carried out an execution of one of his friends for associating with the wrong people at a club.

It was a sad and pathetic scene, to say the least. Hernandez’s alleged guilt or innocence aside, a man—a friend of the accused—was murdered execution style and tossed on the street like garbage. Since when is that something worth gathering and cheering about? What do these people get out of doing something like this?

Perhaps they think they’re early support will lead to a great friendship with Hernandez down the line, in the event that he’s acquitted. So, it’s just a practical issue of covering all bases.

And who knows, maybe it’ll work. In the event that he is acquitted on these charges, Hernandez is going to need all the friends he can get. considering he’s currently under investigation for possible involvement in a double murder that took place in Boston in July 2012.

Even if he doesn’t need any more friends, since he’s alleged to be in a gang or have gang ties, but he skates on all these murder charges, eventually he’ll need some new people to murder. The people outside the courthouse definitely have the inside track on being the future alleged murder victims of their innocent hero, Aaron Hernandez. Hey idiots, Congrats!

Keep on fighting the good fight. But just remember, this is your God:

OBVIOUSLY, he's innocent.

OBVIOUSLY, he’s innocent.


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