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Giants Head to Dallas for Key NFC East Match-up

The NFC East is hosting another match-up of rivals in week 7 of the NFL season, featuring the New York Giants (3-3) and the Dallas Cowboys (5-1). The battle for who will remain at the top of the NFC East at the end of the season is heating up. Currently, the Cowboys and the Eagles share the top being 5-1, but there are plenty of games left for one to prove they are more dominant than the other – or nothing at all.

With the Giants fresh off a loss to Philadelphia, 27-0 in week 6, the Cowboys are a heavy favorite. Tom Coughlin chalked that loss up to being out-matched in one-on-one pairings with his players and the Eagles players at key positions – something he is definitely going to have a new plan to avoid happening against the Cowboys. The Giants are 4-1 when they play Dallas at home.

This week is the first time that the Cowboys will face an NFC East team in the first six games that they played. Romo is under the protection of a more developed offensive line, giving him more time to execute on quality plays. DeMarco Murray is a key factor in the Cowboys success this season and a factor that the Giants are going to have to look out for. Murray has had 785 rushing yards and six touchdowns so far this season. Nearly half of all of the Cowboys offensive plays this season has featured Murray and he has 15 more (41) rushing first down plays this season than any other NFL player. This weekend, Murray is looking to become the first running back to begin the season with more than 100 yards rushing.

So while the Giants defense will be occupied with Murray, the offensive line needs to be concerned with their own quarterback. Eli Manning was sacked eight times against the Eagles. EIGHT TIMES. Besides the physical implications of eight sacks, there was very little time, most of the time, for Eli to develop a play. The Giants offensive play is going to be hurting with Victor Cruz out following his non-contact injury against the Eagles.

If the Giants are able to pull out this win against the Cowboys, the Eagles will sit atop the NFC East on their bye week.

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