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Jets will play veteran QB Aaron Rodgers in NFL preseason

The New York Jets are only a couple of weeks away from officially debuting superstar Aaron Rodgers as their new starting quarterback under center, which could result in a lot of success for the storied franchise.

Although Rodgers typically doesn’t play in the NFL preseason in order to avoid injury and stay fresh for the season opener, the veteran quarterback will get some work in with his new team ahead of the 2023 campaign, as he will start on Saturday night against the New York Giants.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh talked about the decision to get Rodgers some preseason snaps via ESPN.

“You can’t coach scared, you can’t play scared,” Saleh said Tuesday, confirming that Rodgers will start Saturday against the New York Giants. “You can slip out of your car and have something happen to you. Knock on wood, everyone will be fine.”

Obviously, this is a risky decision, especially with the offensive line being shaky in training camp thus far, but Saleh is sticking by his stance.

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A great sign that this is the right way to go is there’s no reluctance from Rodgers, who is totally on board with the decision to play against the Giants this weekend.

“There wasn’t much of a conversation with Robert,” Rodgers said. “I think he was a little more nervous I might have said no, but I was already leaning toward asking him to play. So, it was an easy conversation.”

This will be an interesting situation for the Jets because if Rodgers struggles or the line fails to protect him, that will be all anyone will be talking about in the NFL next week.

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