Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets

Jets won’t bother Aaron Rodgers about the 2024 NFL season

Since the New York Jets acquired star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, questions remain concerning his NFL future beyond the 2023 season.

Rodgers hasn’t exactly committed to playing more than one year, but he has certainly left the door to extending his career. Head coach Robert Saleh voiced that it would be surprising if the four-time league MVP doesn’t suit up for another year.


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“I don’t want to back him into a corner and make him commit to something like that,” Saleh said via ESPN. “I just want him to have fun and know that when he walks in this building to let loose and have a little bit of fun, BS with the guys, come in the office, come talk to us and just enjoy playing football. Odds are if you enjoy playing football, you’re going to want to keep doing it. I wouldn’t put pressure on him to commit to something like that anyway, but I’d be shocked if he doesn’t play multiple years. He looks like a little kid out there.”

The Jets are in a win-now game plan with Rodgers under center, but the team doesn’t want to be a one-and-done situation. The window may not be big, but New York wants to make the most of it.

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Rodgers has continued to play at a high level, which is likely keeping him motivated to stay on the field. Ultimately, at this point in his NFL journey it will come down to how his body feels after the season.

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