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Josh Jacobs has ‘no hard feelings’ toward Raiders brass

A few weeks ago, it started to look like the Las Vegas Raiders and star running back Josh Jacobs were never going to see eye-to-eye on a new deal ahead of the start of the 2023 NFL season.

All signs seem to point to Jacobs holding his ground and potentially sitting out the entire 2023 campaign in order to make a point and then become a free agent to sign with another team.

Fortunately for the Raiders, that never happened as they were eventually able to agree to a one-year deal, and it appears Jacobs has no hard feelings toward the franchise for the difficulty in getting it done via ESPN.

“I mean, s—, we here,” he said after practice on a conference call with reporters on site at the team facility. “We made it happen, so it ain’t no hard feelings now. It’s a clean slate with me. It was never … no hate on each side. I understood it, but at the same time I understood my value, too. So it was just about meeting in the middle.”

Obviously, this is a great sign for the Raiders, as Jacobs is arguably one of the elite running backs in the game and will provide a huge boost to the run game now that he’s back in the fold.

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Along with securing his short-term future with the team, Jacobs will also be sporting a new jersey number next season, which he says makes him feel like a superhero.

“That 8 just makes me feel like, you know, a superhero.”

Hopefully for Las Vegas, that turns out to be the case, as they’ll need his help this year.
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