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Lions QB Matthew Stafford Says Andrew Luck’s Contract Is ‘Good For Our Position’

The Indianapolis Colts recently signed their face of the franchise to a historic contract. Star quarterback Andrew Luck inked a six-year deal with the team worth $140 million with $87 million of the contract being fully guaranteed.

With Luck signing such a historic deal, the Colts star has set the bar for other quarterbacks around the league. Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions believes Luck is worth “every cent” of the deal, via Michael Rothstein of ESPN:

“I thought it was a good deal,” the Detroit Lions quarterback said. “I’m never against anybody making as much money as they can. That’s great. This is a limited-time business. We don’t get to play this game until we’re 50, and he’s a heck of a player, deserving of every cent.”

Stafford also thinks Luck’s new deal is good for the quarterback position in the NFL, via Rothstein:

“I would imagine he’s excited to just put that behind him and go play now. He’s got, whatever, five or six years, whatever it is, to just go out there and play football. I thought it was good. I thought it was good for our league, good for our position, everything.”

Stafford’s opinion of Luck’s lucrative long-term deal is timely. The 28-year-old is one of the next quarterbacks in line for a new contract and will almost certainly benefit from Luck setting the bar as high as he did with the Colts.

Although Stafford isn’t on the same elite level as Luck, the Lions gunslinger will get paid a large sum when the time comes. Detroit suffered a major blow recently with Stafford’s favorite target Calvin Johnson deciding to retire. It could be an interesting upcoming season for the veteran quarterback as he tries to prove his worth while hoping to keep the Lions in the playoff hunt in the NFC.

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