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March Madness isn’t just for college basketball

The NFL is over, but March is one of the great months for sports in America. For starters, March Madness is always fascinating. Bettors will try to win big with obscure schools winning against Goliath’s in the sport.

Then there are the NBA and NHL. At this time of year, both sports seeing the regular season winding down and the playoff races heating up. Few things are better than watching hockey with urgency in the air.


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Finally, of course, there is NFL free agency. While the Super Bowl happens in the first week of February, football never really goes into hibernation. This year, thats especially true with trades happening left and right. We’ve already seen Alex Smith move to the Washington Redskins. As well as Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters to the Los Angeles Rams or Robert Quinn to the Miami Dolphins.

On Monday, the tampered period of free agency begins. Which is basically when the horses can “legally” be come racing out of the barn.

Teams and agents have already been talking – although nobody would ever admit to it — and word is going to start leaking out of multiple camps come 4 p.m. ET. The rumors have already been strong about Kirk Cousins heading to the Minnesota Vikings, although it would be foolish to count out teams such as the Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos and New York Jets. When all is set and done, Cousins will be the richest man of the free agency period.


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Perhaps the best part of it all is the rush. Teams are desperate to upgrade at certain spots, and thus the chase is always wild. Players that shouldn’t be paid top-dollar are suddenly getting offers from multiple teams, watching as the bidding war is driving prices to an astronomical level. It’s not great news for the team that ends up overpaying, but the theatre is there none the less.

This year, a few names to watch include Trumaine Johnson, Sammy Watkins, Paul Richardson and Dion Lewis. Each is a good player, but none are going to the Hall of Fame without a ticket when their careers are over. Hell, it’s a good bet that none will ever get to a Pro Bowl from here on out, but that won’t stop general managers from throwing serious coin around.

With the actual games still a solid six months away, this is the best action we’re going to get in the NFL for quite some time. Sit back, relax and watch the millions flow freely from owners to players, all in hopes getting the Lombardi Trophy in their grasp.

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