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    Marvin Lewis says Ravens QB Lamar Jackson can’t ‘run forever’

    By Ryan Ward
    Lamar Jackson, Ravens

    In his first career start, Baltimore Ravens rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson helped lead his team to a 24-21 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday afternoon.

    It was a contest that featured Jackson leading the way with his ability to make plays with his legs rushing 27 times for 117 yards. Following the game, Bengals head coach had some words of advice for the 21-year-old stating that running quarterbacks don’t last long in the NFL, according to Jamison Hensley of ESPN.


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    “Quarterbacks don’t run forever in the NFL,” Lewis said after his team’s 24-21 loss in Baltimore. “Sooner or later, they get hurt, and they don’t run the same. But today he could run, and he did a good job.”

    Lamar Jackson has the unique ability to make plays with his legs. As a result, this only further extends his impact on the game. Meanwhile, there is credence to Lewis stating a running quarterback typically has a shorter shelf life in the NFL. They tend to blow out due to their decision to run the ball more often.


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    This could be the case for Jackson. He uses his running ability as a primary weapon instead of being one of his options on any given play. There is much-needed attention in this area for him to maintain himself physically. This is because if he chooses to run without the frame of mind to protect himself or be wiser with how he runs with the ball injuries could play a factor.

    It’s on him to use it an asset rather than continuing to put himself in harm’s way. If he does that, he could quickly wear down his body.