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Mike Tomlin expects contract with Steelers handled ‘in a timely manner’

After speculation arose concerning head coach Mike Tomlin’s future with the Pittsburgh Steelers, has quickly erased all doubt.

Tomlin not only confirms his status to return for the 2024 season but also expects to work out a new long-term contract with Pittsburgh.

“I expect to be back, and I would imagine that those contract things are going to run their course,” Tomlin said at his end-of-season news conference Thursday via ESPN. “Art [Rooney II] and I have a really good, transparent relationship. We communicate continually often. I don’t imagine it’s going to be an issue, and I imagine it’s going to get done in a timely manner at the appropriate time, but my mindset is to coach his football team.”


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Tomlin is heading into the final year of the three-year estension that he inked in 2021. The Steelers reached the playoffs this season but once again fell in the wildcard round.

Pittsburgh’s postseason shortcomings raised questions regarding his fate beyond the 2024 campaign. All that led to him walking out of the postgame press conference following the wildcard loss to the Buffalo Bills when he was asked about his contract situation.


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Tomlin voiced that he could have handled that situation better.

“I certainly could have handled that situation better than I did,” Tomlin said. “But I’ll also say this, I just believe there’s a time and place for everything and postgame press conferences are probably not the place to address contract issues and things of that nature. It’s just a very individual thing, and on game day I doubt any of us are in that mindset, Certainly I am not.”

With Tomlin remaining aboard for the foreseeable future, the Steelers are hoping to take the next step forward toward Super Bowl contention.

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