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NFC Futures: Will 49ers Repeat?

falconsseahawks-wrLast Week we gave some opinions on Futures for the AFC championship. This week we will give you some on the NFC.

BetOnline has odds on the NFC champions who would then represent the conference at the Super Bowl in New York.

Here are some teams we like:

San Francisco 49ers +400– One of the two favorites to win the NFC title next season. The 49ers will have Colin Kaepernick as the starter going into the season. That should make them even better on offense than last year. But if he gets hurt, there is no Alex Smith to back him up as he has been traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. Even so, we like the Niners a lot.

Green Bay Packers +400-  Aaron Rodgers may be the best quarterback in the game today. But do the Packers have enough to go with him? They haven’t had quite enough the last couple of years. The running game is an area they need to get better. . But they are still a dangerous team, capable of wining it all.

New York Giants +1100– Is it ever wise to count the Giants out? You just never know when Eli Manning is going to get hot and carry them to a Super Bowl. At +1100, you really hate to pass them up.

Atlanta Falcons +800– The Falcons have been releasing a lot of veteran players lately. But don’t be alarmed, a lot of them will likely be back with new contracts. The Falcons were very close a year ago. There is n o reason to believe they won’t be in contention again.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3300– We like the Bucs for a long shot pick. With Doug Martin, the Bucs have a star running back. Once you get a ground game, the passing game becomes easier. The Bucs improved by three game a year ago. If they do that again they will be in the playoffs.

Carolina Panthers +2000– Will next year be Cam Newton‘s breakout year? He is probably the best athlete at the quarterback position in the NFL.The Panthers ended the season playing well. If that carries over to a good start next year, watch out for them.

Teams we want to shy away from:

Minnesota Vikings +2500– What are the odds Adrian Peterson will have that kind of year again? And Percy Harvin is probably on his way out.

Dallas Cowboys +1400– The odds are way too low for a team that has rarely made the playoffs over the last 20 seasons, and when they do, they lose the first game. It is time to give up on Tony Romo ever getting it down in the big games.

Philadelphia Eagles +2000– Odds are way too low on this team with a college coach and a washed up Michael Vick at quarterback. We don’t see this year going well in Philly.

New Orleans Saints +1000– Not that the Saints are a bad team, and they do get their coach back this season, but +1000 to take a team that lost 10 games a years ago just doesn’t get us all excited.


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