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NFL Longshots: Are Any Worth Taking a Risk?

Last week we gave you odds on some of the favorites to win the Super Bowl or at least get to the Super Bowl next season. Now let’s look at teams with long odds and see if there might be one or two worth putting a few bucks on just in case. Keep in mind these teams were all train wrecks this past season, but we are looking ahead to next year.

AFC Championship Odds according to JustBet

Buffalo Bills +4000– A $100.00 bet on the Bills to get to the Super Bowl would win you $4,000.00. Is this a risk worth taking? In our opinion, no. There is not much to suggest the Bills are going to be any better than last year. Do they have an up-and-coming young quarterback? No. Were they a stingy defense? No. What do they have to build around? They do have a really good running back in C. J. Spiller, but is that going to win them a title? No.

Jacksonville Jaguars +6000- Don’t even bother. This team is just terrible. The one thing they have going for them is a really good young receiver in Justin Blackmon, but they do not have someone who can get the ball to him. They have no defense and once again are going with a new coaching staff. Do not waste your money.

Cleveland Browns +5000- This is one you may want to consider putting a few bucks down. the Browns have a good young quarterback in Brandon Weeden and a good young running back in Trent Richardson. If those guys develop into good NFL players, the Browns could get better. To risk $100,00 with a shot at $5,000.00 might be worth taking a chance on.

Kansas City Chiefs +3000- The Chiefs are getting Alex Smith at quarterback and Andy Reid as head coach. So yeah that could work. Why not put a couple of bucks on the Chiefs?

New York Jets +2500– No. Don’t even bother with this one. Both Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez will be shown the door after the season. They are about to dump the best DB in the game in Darrelle Revis. Plus, they are the Jets. Even if they get to the playoffs, they will screw it up.

Oakland Raiders +5000- The Raiders have no shot. Carson Palmer obviously doesn’t have it. Don’t waste your money on this team.

Tennessee Titans +4000- This one might be worth taking a chance on. Jake Locker is a good young quarterback. Chris Johnson is one of the best running backs in the game. To risk $100.00 to make $4,000.00 on  them winning the AFC might not be a bad idea.

Next week come back as we will take a look at the NFC long shots.

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