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NFL power rankings, Week 4: Dolphins surging in AFC

In the AFC edition of our Week 4 NFL power rankings, the Miami Dolphins are moving up as the conference’s only unbeaten team.

16. Houston Texans (LW: 16)

No wins, and only a measly tie after blowing a 20-3 lead in the fourth quarter to the one-win Colts. Not an impressive start.

15. New York Jets (LW: 15)

If not for a true miracle in Cleveland against the Browns in Week 2, the Jets would have the worst record in football.

14. New England Patriots (LW: 12)

The Patriots have looked listless for most of the season, and now Mac Jones is hurt. Not much is going right for Bill Belichick.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 10)

No quarterback, no chance. The Steelers can’t score, can’t move the ball, and can’t compete against decent teams in the AFC.

12. Las Vegas Raiders (LW: 8)

The Raiders are the only 0-3 team in football, and it’s largely because the offensive line can’t block, and the defense can’t get timely stops.

11. Indianapolis Colts (LW: 13)

The Colts finally got their first win by beating the mighty Chiefs, but that game was essentially gift-wrapped. Nothing impressive.

10. Cleveland Browns (LW: 14)

Cleveland should be 3-0, but still stays relatively low on the power rankings because the opponents have been weak, and the quarterback situation limits the Browns’ ceiling.

9. Tennessee Titans (LW: 9)

Finally, a win. Now, the Titans have a chance to beat Indy this week and potentially pull into a tie for first place in the AFC South.

8. Los Angeles Chargers (LW: 8)

The injuries are piling up, and so are the losses. Remember when the Chargers were going to be a Super Bowl team? That was a fun ride.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 11)

Jacksonville looks the part of a playoff team. Good quarterback, excellent coach and a defense that flies to the ball. Impressive stuff.

6. Denver Broncos (LW: 7)

How to rate this team? The Broncos can’t score, they’ve played an easy schedule and Russell Wilson looks bad. However, they have a terrific defense and they’re winning.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 6)

The Bengals are finally in the win column and now have a huge game on Thursday night at home against the Dolphins.

4. Baltimore Ravens (LW: 5)

The defense is a concern, but Lamar Jackson is playing like the MVP he was in 2019, and the some.

3. Miami Dolphins (LW: 4)

The only unbeaten team in the AFC. It’s hard to genuinely put them ahead of Kansas City and Buffalo, but the Dolphins have been phenomenal.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 2)

A ridiculous loss against the Colts, to be sure, but more fluke than issue. However, the offense has been spotty for the past two weeks.

1. Buffalo Bills (LW: 1)

Buffalo dominated the Dolphins, but lost because of time management and cramps in the heat. Still the top team in the AFC … for now.

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