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NFL to play two games on Christmas Day

As the NFL moves through the offseason, there are numerous changes ahead.

One of which will feature the league committing to have two regular-season games on Christmas Day in 2024, which falls on a Wednesday.

“When we saw the viewership from this past year, really our fans spoke,” NFL executive vice president of media distribution Hans Schroeder said via ESPN. “We certainly saw and believe that they are very much enjoying and wanting NFL football on Christmas.”


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The teams that will play on that day will have previously taken the field the previous Saturday to make up for the recovery window.

Last year, the NFL held three games on Christmas Day, which were played on Monday. The league has continued the tradition due to the increased ratings played on that day.

“From what we’ve seen the last couple years is really some unprecedented growth, and not just on Christmas, on Thanksgiving, too,” Schroeder said. “The last couple of years have had the highest-regular season game ever viewed in the regular season. That mindset, that opportunity, that belief we have that football brings people together — that’s even truer on these big holidays that happen throughout the year.”


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The NFL has played 30 games on Christmas Day, including a pair of playoff games. Last year, it saw the matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers garner 27.2 million viewers.

That alone made it the second most-watched Monday Night Football game in nearly three decades. It will mark the first consecutive year that the NFL has played on Christmas.

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