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NFL Week 8 odds: 5 best bets on underdogs

5. Oakland Raiders (+7) at Houston Texans

The Raiders have been surprisingly solid this season, and so being a full touchdown underdog against the Texans is a bit much. Houston’s the better team, and it’s at home, so that has to be accounted for. It also must be said Oakland has only beaten teams with middling quarterbacks (Jacoby Brissett) or downright bad ones (Joe Flacco and Chase Daniel). Deshaun Watson is a significant step up in class. While the Texans likely walk away with the win on Sunday afternoon, Oakland has enough talent to keep it closer than this spread.

4. Arizona Cardinals (+10) at New Orleans Saints

Arizona has won three straight games. Did you know that? Yup, the Cardinals are riding high after taking down the Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals and New York Giants. Of course, you may have noticed none of those teams are any good, and the Saints are quite good. However, New Orleans hasn’t been overly-explosive offensively, playing low-scoring games. The Saints almost assuredly win, but by double digits? Might be a stretch.

3. New York Jets (+6.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville is at home and is the better team. Don’t believe it? Watch the Jets on Monday night getting absolutely pummeled and humiliated on national television by the New England Patriots. Still, New York is going to have some pride in this affair and playing in front of a quieter road crowd will help. The Jaguars likely win, so don’t bet the Jets’ moneyline, but this is a nice opportunity to take the points and some cash long with it.

2. Los Angeles Chargers (+3.5) at Chicago Bears

This game is going to be ridiculous. Both of the teams were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders but have decided to leave that conversation entirely as we approach midseason. Both are also desperate for a win, but the Chargers have the much better quarterback. Still, this is the Chargers and Bears. There’s no chance this doesn’t come down to the final few minutes, with a hideous error deciding it.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (+2) at Buffalo Bills

The Bills are 5-1, but how many people really believe in them? Now the Eagles come to town, and they need to win after being blown out by the Dallas Cowboys last week on Sunday night. Philadelphia is 3-4 and while it is only a game out of first place in the NFC East, it’s getting late early, as the saying goes. Buffalo should come out playing hard to prove its worth, but if the Eagles play their best or even close to it, they’re the more talented team.

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