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Patriots Join Devon Still and his Daughter in Pediatric Cancer Fight

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While Cincinnati came home with a loss after Sunday’s game against the Patriots, Devon Still actually came home with much more.

The Patriots cheerleaders wore No. 75 Bengals jersey during the game on Sunday, Devon Still’s number and a symbol of a fight that is much bigger than football.

In June, what was supposed to be a dance recital turned into a trip to the emergency room. Still’s four year old daughter, Leah, was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. Still, who had taken all of his time to take care of his daughter following her diagnosis, was cut from the Bengals before the preseason began. Once hearing of his daughter’s diagnosis, the Bengals organization signed Still back to the team so that he had access to the NFL health insurance he needed to support his daughter as much as possible during her treatment – an amazing gesture and act of kindness.

Still is using his and Leah’s journey and experience to inspire others to join in the fight against pediatric cancer. What began as a personal and family matter, has now gained national attention. There is a great video of Still giving Leah a pep talk before a surgery she had to go through on Sept. 25. The doctors were successfully able to remove Leah’s tumor during the six hour surgery. Months of treatment are ahead for Leah, but the spirit and support that she has received is more than both her and Still ever expected.

“She’s way stronger than I ever have been,” Still said. “For her to be able to continue to smile through all this, and continue to still have that same personality, it’s amazing. And it’s definitely inspiring to me.”

In addition to the tribute from the Patriot’s cheerleaders, Patriots owner Robert Kraft donated $25,000 to the Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center in Leah’s name.

Proceeds of all sales of Still’s jersey benefits Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center and sales have reached nearly 10,000 jerseys. The Bengals organization has also donated $1 million.

Still played college football for Pennsylvania State University, earning consensus All-American honors.

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