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Peyton Manning analyzes Giants QB, brother Eli Manning

In the last few weeks, former star quarterback Peyton Manning has put forth several videos of behalf of ESPN Plus’ series called “Detail” that features him breaking down film of quarterbacks around the league each week.

The most recent film was of him looking at plays from his brother, Eli Manning, and the New York Giants. In the breakdown of the film, the elder Manning was quite thorough with his analysis. This included him stating that he would give the same assessment to any other player regardless if it was his brother or not, via Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk.

“I know it’s a short throw and you’re going to say, ‘He’s kissing his butt because he’s his brother and related to him.’ I don’t care,” Manning said. “This is a good throw.”

Eli has received plenty of criticism over the years for shortcomings on the field that have only grown louder in the last two seasons. This is especially the case with the Giants holding a 2-7 record through the first nine games played this season.

There has been growing chatter that the Giants should make the decision to move on from Manning after this year. However, this is something that could be determined by how the team finishes the rest of the campaign.

Beyond, it shows that the former five-time league MVP’s assessment of his brother’s play is no different than other quarterbacks in the league. If anything, it provides an intriguing perspective on how he views his brother’s performance on the field.

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