Melvin Gordon, Chargers

Phillip Lindsay says Broncos newcomer Melvin Gordon is ‘not my enemy’

The Denver Broncos are hoping to bounce back from a very disappointing 2019 NFL season. Denver failed to live up to expectations and that motivated the team and general manager John Elway to make some bold moves during this NFL offseason.

One of those moves was something that no one saw coming. The Broncos signed former Los Angeles Chargers star Melvin Gordon to a lucrative deal creating one of the most talented backfields in the NFL as he’ll team up with Phillip Lindsay. Obviously, Lindsay’s mindset was something everyone was curious about after the signing and he wanted to set the record straight, via Mike Klis of 9News.

“Melvin’s not my enemy,’’ Lindsay said Monday in a phone interview with 9News. “He’s my teammate. He needs to do his job but best believe I’m going to do my job.’’

Clearly, Lindsay isn’t viewing Gordon as a threat and is embracing the former Chargers star as a teammate moving forward. However, he is looking forward to the battle they’ll have in training camp.

“When camp comes around it’s going to be a battle,’’ Lindsay said. “I’m not just going to sit there and give somebody the job. They can. But I’m going to go out there and I’m going to battle.

“I’ve heard this stuff my whole entire life. And it’s never ever panned out how everybody has wanted it to pan out. Until someone proves me wrong, I’m going to continue to do what I do.’’

It’ll be interesting to see how this running back duo works out and whether Elway has created more of a problem rather than a solution with two players that will want the football.

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