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Raiders are a total disaster under Jon Gruden

The Oakland Raiders are the hottest of messes, and there is no end in sight.

Oakland, only two years removed from going 12-4 and making the playoffs for the first time since 2002, is now 1-7 after being absolutely blasted by the lowly San Francisco 49ers, 34-3. Perhaps the worst news is that Jon Gruden, the heralded savior for the Raiders only nine months ago, is both the man who tore down a promising roster and who has nine years left on his $100 million deal.

Gruden hasn’t shown a single iota of understanding football in the year 2018. If this was 20 years ago? Gruden would be right in his element, running the ball with a bruising back between the tackles. Unfortunately, today is about spread concepts, getting the ball in space and creating a pass rush without having to blitz. In those departments, the Raiders are comically lacking.


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If there was any question as to whether Oakland was about to go into the tank something fierce, Thursday night in Santa Clara left no doubt. The Oakland Raiders utterly dominated by a previously one-win 49ers team. Additionally, the Raiders showed less effort than a shy kid in a school play. The defense barely moved when the play went to the edges. The offensive line couldn’t bother to be blocked. This allowed Derek Carr to be sacked six times before he was mercifully pulled for AJ McCarron.

It’s now fair to wonder whether the team has quit on Gruden, something that can’t be ruled out considering his odd personnel moves to this juncture. There was the Khalil Mack trade in early September, making many players publicly display their displeasure on social media. Then there was Amari Cooper, who was dealt without the players being notified of the move, only to find out after a practice. It’s all been haphazard, unprofessional and embarrassing for a franchise that has had some really, really ugly moments over the past 15 years.


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If indeed the Oakland Raiders are done listening to Gruden and are simply dreaming of the golf course, Oakland’s fortunes are only going to get worse. The remaining schedule isn’t either with a pair of games against the Kansas City Chiefs. As well as that, they dates facing the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Chargers. If the 49ers can blow Oakland out, imagine a far-superior team with something on the line.

Only two years ago, Jack Del Rio appeared to have the Raiders on the cusp of something special. Then, he had an MVP candidate in Derek Carr. Less than 24 months later, Oakland is in shambles, with a bumbling, clueless coach hoping uninspired men will save him.

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