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Raiders coach Jon Gruden actually approved use of audio for Antonio Brown

The Antonio Brown saga with the Oakland Raiders has finally completely unraveled. The situation culminated in his release by the team this past Saturday morning.

This came hours after Antonio Brown had released a video on his Instagram account. The footage included a recorded phone call between the star wide receiver and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden. Things took another interesting turn as it was revealed by the producer of the video that Gruden had signed off on it before it was shown to the public, according to Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk.


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It also seems that his involvement in the video didn’t come as a surprise. During an appearance on The Dan LeBatard Show, the video’s producer Alejandro Narciso said that Gruden approved the use of the conversation in the video before Brown posted it on social media.

It puts yet another intriguing wrinkle in the craziness in the entire matter. You have to guess that this is a botched PR play, as it was a personal phone call between the two of them. This was something that was a private conversation that Gruden was apparently okay with the entire world now listening in on.


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This may have been one of the final straws for the Raiders that pushed them over the edge to pull the trigger on releasing him over this past weekend. Antonio Brown now has the chance to rekindle things with the New England Patriots where he will have a chance to compete for a Super Bowl.

If anything, this latest detail just tops off what was an incredibly unpredictable situation in Oakland. Like the Steelers, the Raiders must also move on from Brown now.

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