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Raiders coach Jon Gruden makes it clear Derek Carr is their franchise QB

Throughout the entire offseason and even more so in the weeks heading into this year’s draft, there have been plenty of questions concerning the long-term future of Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Carr with the Oakland Raiders.

All of this chatter has ramped up with head coach Jon Gruden reportedly having some interest in the quarterbacks in this year’s draft. However, Gruden has come out to state that Carr is the team’s quarterback to dispel the rumors around the situation, according to John Newby of 247 Sports.

“I’m not going to address all of the rumors,” Gruden said. “I was part of the rumor cycle for nine years. That’s TV and that’s internet chatter, but I’m telling you: Derek Carr is our quarterback, and I’ve said that I think this is the fourth or fifth time, and if they don’t believe me, then there’s nothing that I can do about that. But I’ve tried to add pieces to help Derek, at receiver, on the offensive line, with Josh Jacobs, and I think the better we play defense, the better Derek Carr will be.”

This strong statement from Gruden should quite the chatter about that scenario. This may be the case, but there is a sense that he may not completely committed to Carr as their long-term answer under center.

All of this only puts more focus on how this upcoming season plays out with Carr getting another chance to prove himself. The Raiders have provided him with more offensive weapons with All-Pro wideout Antonio Brown and veteran wide receiver Tyrell Williams along with taking former Alabama standout running back Josh Jacobs with the 24th overall pick in this year’s draft.

Ultimately, this should all lead to a highly intriguing 2019 campaign for Carr and the Raiders.

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