Lamar Jackson, Ravens

Ravens superstar Lamar Jackson wins second NFL MVP award

After weeks of building anticipation, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson won his second NFL MVP award.

Jackson became the youngest two-time winner of the prestigious honor. He received 49 out of the 50 first-place votes with the lone other vote going to Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

“I want to thank my organization, the Baltimore Ravens, for finally getting the deal done,” said Jackson via ESPN. “My offense [and] offensive line, I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done. I’m not out there blocking and catching the ball and doing everything. It’s a team thing for these awards.”

Although Jackson’s numbers weren’t as eye-popping as his 2019 NFL campaign, he set career highs with 3,678 passing yards and a 67.2 percent completion rate while leading the Ravens to a league-best 13-4 record.

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Jackson became the third quarterback since the 1970 merger to win the MVP award without a 1,000-yard rusher or a 1,000-yard receiver.

“It is an honor just to be among the greatest of all time,” Jackson told the Ravens website. “To do stuff like this is incredible. I never thought I’d be two-time MVP. If anything, I thought I would be a Super Bowl-winning quarterback by now.

“I still have stuff to prove to the naysayers. But I need the naysayers to keep going [and] keep adding fuel to that fire for me to keep being Lamar Jackson.”

As Jackson alluded to, his next step is to lead the Ravens to winning a Super Bowl. He holds the cards with the bright future head in Baltimore.

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