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Ray Lewis Worship is Undeserved

Ray Lewis is a fantastic football player. Let’s get that out there right now. But, while he deserves his kudos as a great player, the hero worship is disgusting. Ray Lewis took part in a double homicide. What was his part? Well, we don’t know. Why don’t we know? Because Ray isn’t talking.  Why isn’t Ray talking? He says it is because he signed a confidentiality agreement. But could it be because if he did talk, the hero worship would stop? Could it be he would lose his ESPN analyst gig he will be stepping in to once the Super Bowl is over?

Here is what we know. Lewis and his buddies repeatedly stabbed two young men and left them to die while they all piled in Ray’s Limo and sped off. It wasn’t a self defense I’m-getting-my-butt-kicked-so-let-me-get-my-knife and stab these guys once so they could stop the fight. No. They stabbed them over and over and over. Did Lewis stab anyone? Only he and the people there know the answer to that question. What we do know is Ray was wearing a white suit that night that was soaked in blood. Nobody ever found that suit. Ray isn’t talking.

Ray Lewis talks a lot. He talks about God. He talks about his team. He talks about his teammates. If you want to shut Ray Lewis up, ask him about a Super Bowl party 13 years ago in Atlanta. He clams up then. Another way to shut him up is to ask him about his personal life. You see, Ray has knocked up four different women and has six kids with them. All tolled, he’s probably spent millions in child support payments on them but probably only a few hours of his time with them.

There are Christians and the are fakes. How can you tell the difference? Look at what they do, not what they say. Can you see Tim Tebow in a bar fight that leaves two young men dying in the street? Can you see him with six kids by four different women? Probably not. So can we stop the Ray Lewis hero worship please?

Another way to tell the difference is by which one the world ridicules and which one they worship. How much Tebow hate is there in the media? Tons. Why? Because Tebow is genuine in his Christianity. For whatever reason, that makes people uncomfortable. Lewis get hero worship. Why? Because nobody really believes he’s a Bible-toting tea-totaller. If it came down to it, Ray would still party and maybe end up in a hotel room with a couple of young hotties. So he’s cool.

If Ray Lewis did the right thing and confessed to his role in a double homicide, took all of his children to live with him and become a full time dad, apologize to the families of the victims of the night in Atlanta, apologized for all the womanizing and partying and whatever else he’s done, and stopped talking about God and started DOING like God, he would deserve the hero worship. But right now, he does not.

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