Chase Young, Redskin

Redskins rookie Chase Young admits he might not be done growing

The newly minted Washington Redskins rookie defensive end Chase Young is highly touted as being one of the top talents in his draft class.

The Redskins may get a bit more than they thought from Young as he voiced in his conference call on Monday that he could grow even taller, according to John Keim of ESPN.


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“It’s a possibility I could grow late,” Young said Monday via a Zoom conference call. “A lot of people told me my growth plates, there’s still some room. It won’t affect my game. It’s something I’ll adapt to, staying flexible. If you’re tall, you’ve got to be a lot more flexible. I’ll be the same person whether I’m 6-7 or 6-1. Everything’s cool.”

Young is currently at 6-foot-5, which would make him an even more imposing threat coming off the edge. The Ohio State product references his potential growth due to his father, who had a late height increase in high school and college that saw him reach nearly 6-foot-10.


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Despite the potential concerns that could come about with him being taller, Young has voiced that he doesn’t believe that will impact him negatively.

He’s entering the league with plenty of hype as being a potential franchise cornerstone piece defensively for the Redskins. He has drawn comparisons to future Hall of Famer Julius Peppers due to his size and speed.

Young will have the opportunity to prove that with the Redskins in the 2020 campaign and beyond that regardless of his potential height growth.

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