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Snow Storm Impacting the Bills

The first snow storm in Buffalo this year has already exceeded an entire year’s worth of snowfall in the area. Eight feet in three days pounded Buffalo and there is more snowfall on the way. This spelled great trouble for the Buffalo Bills.

Originally, the Bills and Jets were supposed to play in Buffalo on Sunday at 1p.m. Since the snow storm was so bad, the Bills were unable to host and the game is postponed to Monday night in Detroit. The Bills players packed up buses and got to airports – whatever was easiest based on the road conditions so that they could make it to Detroit.

Because the storm has displaced the game and fans must make last minute travel plans if they want to go, tickets for Monday night’s game are free and became available first to season-ticket holders on Friday. Tickets are available to the general public Saturday on the Detroit Lions’ website. Tickets are general admission seating, so first come, first serve.

The Bills lose their home field advantage with the game being in Detroit which makes this must-win game, slightly more challenging. It is hard to predict what the conditions will be for the Bills and Jets when it comes to the fans that will show up for the game.

The Bills are 5-5 this season and the Jets are 2-8. While there doesn’t seem to be much hope for the Jets, if the Bills are able to win this one, they will have just a little bit more hope in their playoff potential.

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