Tim Tebow Props: How Does He Score His First Touchdown?

tim-tebow-patsBookmaker has some intersting player props right now. One of the most intersting was “How does Tim Tebow score his first regualr season touchdown?”

The odds are:

Passing +600

Rushing +180

Receiving +600

Returnor Defensive +3000

No Touchdowns in regular season -200

Some interesting numbers here, one is that they do not believe he will be in on any scoring plays. Really? This is not the New York Jets. This is the New England Patriots. These guys score touchdowns. You don’t think Tim Tebow, who nobody denies is a heck of a football player, will be in on at least one touchdown all season? Two, 100% of the bets so far are on “Receiving”. The fact that 100% of the money is on something that is +600 is awfully strange. The fact that 100% of the bets are on one particular prop is also a bit weird. I’m sure these props just went live very recently.

We like the “Rushing option” the best. Tebow could score a rushing touchdown as a quarterback in a wildcat package or as a fullback in a traditional set. We think Tebow will be used much like he was his freshman season at the University of Florida, as a battering ram in short yardage and on the goal line. Of course, the jump pass at the goal line is always a possibility.

Other interesting players props:

Odds to win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year:

The favorite as far as most money wagers is E.J. Manuel at over 20%. His odds are +1800. The favorite is Montee Ball at +300. A guy we like is Denard Robinson who is +1500. It looks like the Jacksonville Jaguars plan to get him the ball a lot.

Odds to win Defensive Rookie of the Year:

Arthur Brown is the wager’s favorite with nearly 20%. He is +600. He is also the favorite amongst Bookmaker. They have Jarvis Jones +700 and Ezekial Ansah +800. A guy we like is Margus Hunt at +1600 and also Barkevious Mingo at +1500. We also like Shariff Floyd at +1500.  Don’t be afraid to bet the field however at +650. There are some good players in there such as Bjorn Woerner.

Odds to Win NFL MVP:

Peyton Manning +500 is at 32%. We do not like this bet. We would rather have Colin Kaepernick at +700. He’s young and he is a duel threat. One to keep an eye on is Cam Newton at +2000. This is a big year for cam. Right now, it could go either way. If it goes to the positive, he could get serious MVP love. He is probably the best athlete in the game.


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