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USC OC Kliff Kingsbury is expected to interview for NFL jobs

In the last couple of weeks, newly-hired USC offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury has received plenty of attention. All the rumours discuss potential head coach vacancies in the NFL.

However, the Trojans had initially blocked these possible opportunities to make the leap to the next level. However, ESPN is reporting that the school has allowed Kingsbury to be interviewed by NFL teams.

USC offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury, who has emerged as one of the most coveted candidates for NFL jobs, is expected to interview for head-coaching positions with multiple teams, sources confirmed to ESPN.


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This is a sudden change. It comes shortly after things were becoming fuddled due to some chatter around Kingsbury. Reports said he was potentially being unsettled with the school due to the inability to entertain possible jobs opportunities elsewhere.

Although there is a chance that he could land a job elsewhere, there is a scenario in which he remains with USC if nothing unfolds with these expected job interviews for a couple of openings in the league. Among these potential situations include the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Jets.


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The 39-year-old has become a widely discussed name around the league despite being let go after six seasons with Texas Tech, where he held a 35-40 record at the helm.

He had initially waited out before taking the offensive coordinator two weeks after it was offered. Kingsbury has already voiced that he hopes to get another chance to be a head coach, which could mean a short tenure with the school if he were to stay for the 2019 season.

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