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Veteran head coach Mike Tomlin vows to return as Steelers head coach

A day after the Pittsburgh Steelers fell short against the Buffalo Bills in the wildcard playoff round, head coach Mike Tomlin told the team that he would return in 2024.

It comes after Tomlin abruptly left the postgame press conference after he was asked about coaching future as he heads into the final year of his deal.

Longtime Steelers defensive tackle Cameron Heyward voiced support for Tomlin amid all the speculation.


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“I’ll just say this about Mike T, why are we so concerned with somebody who has a year on their contract, has been locked in and has wanted to just play, coach football?” Heyward said via ESPN. “We don’t ask anybody else if they need to come back for another year or anything else. I just think it’s doing him a disservice. This guy’s been locked in from the very get-go, but yet we’re worried about if he’s coming back or not. He’s been locked in, and I appreciate it because that’s only created more dissension for players and coaches.”

Although Tomlin will return for another season, there remains uncertainty around his future beyond his current deal. The Steelers fell short in the playoffs yet again, marking their fourth straight postseason loss.


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Pittsburgh’s last playoff win came in January 2017. The organization has remained loyal to Tomlin throughout his tenure, which could see contract extension talks occur over the offseason to end speculation.

Until then, the Steelers will have their longtime head coach back for at least another season.

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