Stefon Diggs, Vikings

Vikings don’t see a reason to trade wideout Stefon Diggs

The Minnesota Vikings are coming off a disappointing playoff run in which they failed to live up to expectations. Although their play in the postseason left something to be desired, Minnesota still seems to be on the right track, but there may be one issue that needs to be dealt with before the start of the 2020 NFL season.

A lot has been made of wide receiver Stefon Diggs and his role on the team. He doesn’t appear to be happy with that role and doesn’t seem eye-to-eye with fellow star wideout, Adam Thielen. This has led to speculation that the team might trade him, especially with many teams around the league needing help at the wide receiver position.

However, general manager Rick Spielman spoke to the media during the NFL Combine this week and tried to end the trade rumors swirling about the unhappy wideout.

The one line from Spielman that sticks out among the rest when talking about Diggs is this one.

“There is no reason…to anticipate that Stefon Diggs is not going to be a Minnesota Viking,” Spielman said.

Although it appears that the Vikings have no plans to trade Diggs, these kinds of situations happen on an annual basis with the resolution ultimately being a trade to send the disgruntled player elsewhere. The Vikings are by no means a perfect team nor a team that couldn’t use an upgrade elsewhere by trading Diggs, but it remains to be seen whether they’ll go that route to improve their roster.

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