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NHL: Chicago Blackhawks @ Minnesota Wild Game 3

The Minnesota Wild just cannot seem to get one over on the Chicago Blackhawks.

In Game 1 of the series they were able to hang with the No.1 seed until the very end and beyond.  The Blackhawks won in overtime 2-1.  In Game 2 they were hanging with the ‘hawks again.  That was until the third period when Chicago simply went off and ended up winning 5-2.  The Wild, at this point, have to be scratching their heads wondering, “how the heck do you beat the Blackhawks?”

Looking at the games in this series it is clear that Chicago may be the best all around team in the NHL.  They are getting great offense from all four of their offensive lines.  On defense the ‘Hawks have the Wild’s offense in complete check holding them to only 3 goals in two games.

There’s a lot of options on our lines offensively when everybody is productive.  Everybody gets their turn, and if we get some consistency scoring at that line, that will be a little boost.

-Joel Quenneville, Blackhawks Coach

The Wild have to feel a it fickle going into Game 3.  They were able to keep up with the Blackhawks in Game 1 but completely lost all pacing control in Game 2.  The Wild will have the advantage of having a ruckus hometown crowd behind him.  If the Wild are going to avoid being swept this is the game they need, and have the best chance of, winning.

You have to push this one aside very quickly.  We don’t have a very long turnover until we get to face them again. Obviously going home, we should be excited about that, but we also can’t sit here and just assume that we’ll be better because of that, too.

-Mike Yeo, Wild Coach

Despite the hometown crowd, the Blackhawks are still the favorite with the typical NHL point spread of 1.5.  The money line to bet on the ‘Hawks is at -165.  To bet on the Wild the money line is at +145.

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