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NHL Thursday Preview: Ottawa Senators v Montreal Canadiens

The Ottawa Senators are one win away from going to round 2 of the NHL playoffs.  The Senators have a 3-1 lead over the Montreal Canadiens.  The Senators, though, still have last years playoffs fresh in their minds.

During that series they were up 3-2 over the New York Rangers.  The Rangers then mounted a huge comeback and won the next two games and eliminated the Senators in round 1.  They do not want the Canadiens to pull off a similar come back this year.

The Senators have a 7-0 record when they lead a series 3-1.  They haven’t won three straight playoff games, though, since 2007.

The game is getting a lot of attention from the sports books.  Special prop odds have sprung up on many sites.  Bovada has every scenerio for this series that you can imagine set up as a bet:

Will the Montreal Candiens win their 2013 first round playoff series?

Yes      5/1

No       1/8


Ottawa Senators vs Montreal Canadiens – Series Correct Score

Ottawa Senators 4-1               11/10

Ottawa Senators 4-2               9/5

Ottawa Senators 4-3               11/2

Montreal Canadiens 4-3          5/1

Ottawa Senators vs Montreal Canadiens – Will the Series go to 7 Games?

Yes      2/1

No       1/3

With this kind of focus on the series it is almost as if many expect the Canadiens to pull off a miracle comeback.  The place where they will start the comeback if they can is Game 4 tomorrow.  The Canadiens have looked like a better team than the Senators for much of the series, but the Senators have continued to walk away with victories.

The good old fashioned money line has the Senators favored.  The game starts at 7 p.m. ET.

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