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NHL Futures: Blackhawks Favored to Win it All

PenguinsAs one might expect, the Chicago Blackhawks at 25-4-3 are the favorites right now to win the Stanley Cup. The Blackhawks won the Cup in 2010 after a lengthy drought. It appears they are not going to have to wait very long for their next one.

The Blackhawks lead the Western Conference with 53 points. The Anaheim Ducks are second with 48 points and the Vancouver Canucks are third with 42.

In the Eastern Conference, the Pittsburgh Penguins lead with 52 points while the Boston Bruins are tied for second place with 45 points, the same as the Montreal Canadiens.

Top Bet has futures on this year’s Stanley Cup Champions:

Chicago Blackhawks +350– The Blackhawks were the last team to lose a game this season. They just ended a brief tw0-game losing streak with a 2-0 win over Calgary. We like the Blackhawks very much.

Pittsburgh Penguins +450– We also love the Pittsburgh Penguins with leading scorer Sidney Crosby. There may not be a better player in the league right now than Crosby. At +450, we may even like them more than Chicago.

Montreal Canadiens +1000– It has been a long time for the “New York Yankees” of the NHL to go without the Cup. They have a great shot at it this ear though.

Boston Bruins +550– These guys took the Cup home two years ago. They know what it takes. This would be a good bet in our opinion.

Los Angeles Kings +1500– The defending champs have some long odds. But remember last year they were a low seed as well. If they get into the playoffs, they could be dangerous.

Anaheim Ducks +800– The Ducks are definitely a contender. At $800 on a $100 bet, you have to like them.

Toronto Maple Leafs +3000– Speaking of long droughts from storied franchises. How cool would it be to see the Leafs lift the Cup? How cool would it be to have $100 on it and walk away with $3,000? The Leafs are in the playoffs as of now, so they have a shot.

San Jose Sharks +1800– Their stock has fallen a bit since the hot start they got off to, but they will be in the playoff chase, which gives them a chance.

St Louis Blues + 1000– The Blues made a good run at it last year. Can they go a step further this year?

Don’t forget, you can also place futures on teams just getting to the Stanley Cup Finals as well. Here are some odds on this:

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh Penguins +200– You can still triple your money here.

Boston Bruins +240– Turn $100.00 into $340.00 if they make it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Tampa Bay Lightning +4000– If the Lightning can rally to get into the playoffs, remember they came withing one game of this just two years ago. That would be a $4000 pay-off on a $100 wager.

Western Conference

Chicago Blackhawks +175- Turn $100 into $275 with everybody’s pick. Not bad.

Anaheim Ducks +350– The Ducks are looking Mighty this year.

Los Angeles Kings +800– Not bad odds considering they did this just last year.



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