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Nick Sirianni: Contentious Calls Not To Blame For Loss

Nick Sirianni says his team is responsible for their first defeat of the season against the Washington Commanders on Monday.

The previously-perfect Philadelphia Eagles fell to 8-1 with an error-strewn 32-21 defeat to the Commanders. 

Before Monday the Eagles had committed only three turnovers all season. Against Washington, they had four.

As well as that, they were behind in the second half for the first time this season. They also lost the turnover battle and the time of possession battle.


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This uncharacteristic sloppiness exposed the one weakness Philadelphia has this season: they tail off in the second half. 

The Eagles average 7.9 points per second half, the seventh-lowest in the league. Their 142.8 yards per game in the second half is the third-lowest. 

If things go wrong for them, their opponent can mount a comeback as Washington did on Monday. 

There were a couple of calls that went against them during the game, but Nick Sirianni wasn’t interested in discussing them.

“I think when you play the way we did tonight, and you play the way we did on all three phases — offense, defense, special teams, coaching — when you play like that,” Nick Sirianni said, “it does seem like everything’s going against you, you create your own luck, and we played like crap.

“The [four] turnovers lost us the game, the time of possession loses you the game, we lost it together — offense, defense, special teams, coaching — we lost it together, that’s what lost us the game,” he said.


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“It’s on us,” Jalen Hurts said. “That’s a great football team. They’re well coached. I think with the uncharacteristic — that’s the word we’re using — the uncharacteristic mistakes that we’ve made. Things that we haven’t really done all year in terms of our formula for winning football games. You know, when you go out there and turn the ball over like that, not so good things happen. We have to do a better job as a team.”

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