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NL East Update: Phillies Take No. 2, Braves Still On Top

The second-half of baseball is officially underway as of yesterday.  The All-Star Break was fun but now it is time to get back to some real baseball.

Teams sometime enjoy fresh starts going into the second half of baseball, and it looks as though the Philadelphia Phillies will have some wind beneath their wings as they attempt to soar to the top of their division in a similar fashion to the Oakland A’s of last season.  The wind is coming thanks to a big win against the New York Mets in a slug-fest, 13-8.  Meanwhile, the Washington Nationals lost to the LA Dodgers, 2-3, which puts the Phillies in second place of the NL East.  Philadelphia is now 6.5 games behind the Atlanta Braves.

Speaking of the Braves, they were in a bit of a rut heading into the break but have managed to start the second-half of baseball on a positive note with a win against the Chicago White Sox, 6-4.  The White Sox have been playing like that other team in Chicago this season, so the Braves have an easy series to open up the second part of the season.  It should provide them with some much needed positive energy.

With the first half of baseball behind us, the big news other than games, is the trade deadline.  Looking at the three teams that have a chance in the NL East (sorry Mets and Miami Marlin fans), their trade strategies are surprisingly the same or, at least, should be.

The Braves have a great pitching staff.  However, it seems they are still eying a couple of pitchers they would like to add to the bullpen.  Rumor has it they have been looking really hard at White Sox pitcher Jesse Crain and Twin closer Glen Perkins.

The Phillies will also be looking to strengthen their bullpen before the trade deadline as their pitching is the weakest aspect of their game.

Many are saying that the Nationals should be looking for pitchers to trade up for considering all the injuries that has plagued this pitching staff.  However, it seems Mike Rizzo has other plans.  Here is a quote courtesy of CBS:

I like our starting rotation. I’m not anticipating trading for a starting pitcher.

So there is that then.

All the NL East teams will be heading into Game 2 of their respective series today.  Keep your eye out for those times and make sure to bet on the games at Bovada or another sportsbook.

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