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NL West Future Odds Update


With the All-Star Break wrapping up, Bovada put the first-half of baseball in perspective by updating their future odds.  Top tier teams like the Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers top the list as the teams with the best odds of winning the World Series.   However, the most surprising odds come out of the NL West.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have the best odds in the NL West of winning the World Series in the NL West despite being in second place in the division.  The Dodgers have 9/1 odds of winning while they just cling above a .500 winning percentage and are 2.5 games behind the division leading Arizona Diamondbacks.

It is a strange sort of position for the Dodgers to be in.  Considering they lost to division rivals the Colorado Rockies before heading into the break, who are also on the cusps of taking the division, just 4.5 games behind.   Yet the Rockies odds 66/1 of winning the World Series.

Meanwhile, The Diamondbacks seem to be on the brink of making a huge trade with the Milwaukee Brewers with the goal of adding some depth their weakest position, pitching.  The Diamondbacks odds do not really reflect their position as division leaders or being on the cusp of a huge trade at 20/1.

The Dodgers being the favorite among NL West teams to win the World Series is likely leftover from the high expectations everyone had of this ball club at the beginning of the season.  According to some sportsbooks they were even the favorites to win the World Series.  However, they had a disappointing start to the season and have only recently been enjoying a resurgence to find themselves in second place after being behind the Rockies much of the season.

Before we end this little article focusing on the NL West we have to check in on the defending World Series Champs the San Francisco Giants.  They are currently fourth place in the NL West and are over nine games behind the D-Backs.  They are also likely regretting not changing between this season and last while all the other teams around them improved.  Their is still a whole other half of baseball to play, though, and they can still mount a comeback.  It just doesn’t seem likely with their 33/1 odds.

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