Oakland Looks To Conquer Another Team

The Oakland Athletics are looking to establish a reputation at helping teams that have fell from grace this season along the way.

They are coming off a three-game series that they won 2-1 against the former glorious New York Yankees. Now they enter a series with a favorite to win the World Series last year in the Texas Rangers.

The Rangers, like the Yanks, are not enjoying as much success have they have had in previous years. The Rangers are struggling to get above a .500 win percentage and currently sit second from the bottom in their division.

The Rangers have struggled to stay healthy and have thus been running with a roster that is a lot less than it could be.

The Rangers have finished second place in their division for the last two years. Sitting atop the Rangers’ division for the last two seasons and current division leaders are their opponents tonight, the A’s.

This is also an interesting match up is the fact that they have met each other in two three-game series already, with split results. Each squad picked up road sweeps against the other. First pitch is schedule for 10:05 p.m. ET.

Taking the mound for the Rangers is Colby Lewis. Lewis has yet to make it to the seventh inning this season. Batter are hitting .336 against him on average.

Lefty Drew Pomeranz will go  against Lewis. Pomeranz made it to the seventh in his last two starts for the first time in his career. His new found stability is given the A’s new confidence in the pitching rotation. He did not get the win in either contest but managed to lower his ERA to just 1.90.  

Oakland are favored to beat the Rangers according to the spread. The A’s moneyline is set at -175. The Rangers moneyline is set at +160.

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