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OBJ Loses Cool, Receives One-Game Suspension

Superstar New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has received a one-game suspension for his violent actions against Carolina Panthers defensive back Josh Norman on Sunday.

Many would argue missing a single game is not punishment enough, but the NFL’s willingness to throw the book at arguably the league’s most talented – and certainly one of its most recognisable – players sends a clear message that the league won’t tolerate such behaviour, even if the on-field officials think otherwise.

Frustrated at being taken completely out of the game by Norman, Beckham crossed the line between physicality and dirty play in an attempt to get back into the action.

By the time he would make his first catch with about five minutes remaining in the third quarter, almost every Giants offensive play was marred by OBJ swinging at, smacking or just plain tackling Norman to the ground.

It all came to a head – no pun intended – when Beckham reversed field on a “block” that was more like a helmet-to-helmet catapult clearly intending to incapacitate Norman for the rest of the afternoon.

The fact that the officials refused opportunities to eject OBJ after three personal foul penalties called against him is a joke. It is undoubtedly the most ignorant refereeing gaffe of 2015 in a season characterised by questionable calls.

Thankfully, someone decided that Beckham ought to be held accountable. His helmet hit really left the league no choice.

The NFL’s trigger-happy approach to fining defensive players for mostly incidental contact would have made them look like complete hypocrites had they not punished Beckham severely.

A hefty fine is still incoming, but now the Giants will also be missing the key piece of their offense as they head to Minnesota on Sunday Night Football, with grim hopes of keeping their flailing season alive.

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