Odds To Win NBA Championship

With the start of the NBA season only eight days away, there is not a better time to look over the preseason NBA Championship odds. We will review the teams with the five best odds. All odds come courtesy of Bovada.

5.  Chicago Bulls


The Chicago Bulls fell out of the playoffs in the first round in an unfortunate loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. The whole series was marred from the get go as their star player, Derrick Rose, went down with a torn ACL in game one.  The Bulls obviously depended upon Rose to help them achieve an NBA Championship, despite Rose missing most of the last half of the season because of other injuries.

Rose’s status is still unknown for this season.  The Bulls remain “optimistic” he will return this season.  Even with this news the Bulls are good enough to crack the top  five teams with the best odds of winning the NBA Championship.

4.  Boston Celtics


The Miami Heat just barely squeaked by the Boston Celtics to go onto the NBA Championship last postseason.  The series went the full seven games.  The Heat pulled another fast one on the Celtics during the preseason when they nabbed Ray Allen from the Celtics.

Even with the loss of Allen the Celtics are still a top notch team with one of the best point guards, in Rajon Rondo, in the NBA.  Kevin Garnett is also one of the smartest vets in the game.  You could not ask for better leadership on a team.

3.  Oklahoma City Thunder


This young team surprised everyone last year when they went all the way to the NBA Championship.  They lost the series against the Miami Heat 4-1, but there was clearly a new major contender on the block.  The best thing about the Oklahoma City Thunder is that they will only get better over time.  This team is the future of the NBA and they have really good odds of taking an NBA Championship to Oklahoma City this postseason.

2.  LA Lakers


The LA Lakers did a lot of work in the offseason to ensure that they were going to be able to compete at a top level with the likes of the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Last postseason the Lakers got knocked out of the playoffs in the Conference Semifinals in a series of upset losses to the Thunder.  This season they plan to come back with a vengeance.  In the off season this all ready good roster got a few upgrades.  They picked up Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to play alongside Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.  As cliche as it sounds, this Lakers team will truly be a force to be reckoned with.

1. Miami Heat


Incumbents always have the best odds at winning re-election and the defending NBA Champions want nothing more than to repeat and they have the best odds to do so.

During the off season the “big three” became the “big four” when they added Ray Allen to their roster.  This team has only gotten better.  The problem for them will be so has all the other teams on this list.  The Heat will have to fight hard to repeat with the likes of the Lakers and Thunder looking to take their spot.


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