Odds to win the 2013-2014 Mountain West Division

All odds pulled from Bovada.

The Mountain West division realizes that it is becoming increasingly irrelevant and realize they need to get more of their teams into the national conversation.  This is a fact that the Mountain West division is very aware of.

Last season only one team, Boise State, made a splash nationally.  Also, go to any major sports website and click on the Mountain West division and all the headlines are all about one team, Boise State.  So it should come as to no surprise that it is Boise State that has the best odds to win the Mountain West Division.

Boise State 7/5

Boise State is the only Mountain West Division team to be ranked on the current AP 25 poll.   They are ranked no. 19, though they finished last season ranked 17.

Boise State was also one half of the co-conference champs last year.  With their recruiting ranked at in the 40s and 50s (depending on where you look) among many major conference teams, Boise State will only be better this season and have their aspirations set on a major bowl game, perhaps even a BCS National Championship appearance, as optimistic as it may seem.

Fresno State 2/1

The other half of the conference co-champs, Freseno State has the second best odds of winning the division and fell short (with 36 votes) of making it onto the AP Top 25 poll.

However, no one really has Fresno State pegged as a team that will be winning the BCS Championship nor as a team that is better than, let alone beat, Boise State.  Fresno State’s overall record was not as good as the Broncos last season, and no one really expects anything different this season.

Utah State 11/2

Utah State is a newcomer to the Mountain West Division and could very well make a big and unexpected splash this season.

For a team that is new to the division to have such high opening odds is a rarity considering it is hard to predict just how well this team will adjust to a new division.

Rounding out the Odds

Air Force
Colorado State
New Mexico
San Diego State
San Jose State
Utah State

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