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One Big Free Agent Already Off The Market

When discussing the biggest free agents available several names come up, as this is the most star-studded free agency in years. One of those names is already off the market however.

Like predicted Kyle Lowry has opted to stay with the Toronto Raptors, despite being courted by several other teams.

Lowry was the only non-unrestricted point guard on the market with the talent to be a court general, so he could pretty much name his price, which is why it comes as no surprise that the young guard walked away with a four-year, $48 million contract extension.

It was reported that the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and Houston Rockets were all interested in Lowry. The Rockets even flew out to Philadelphia to try to sweep Lowry off his feet.

All those would have been attractive options for Lowry. The Miami Heat are in the process of re-securing their Big 3, and if they had failed to do so, Lowry could have stepped in the one that got away’s shoes. The Los Angeles Lakers have a ton of cap room and are looking to build a team around Kobe Bryant so he can make one last run at a NBA Championship before he retires. Lastly, the Rockets are in the process of building a super team and Lowry would have been a great addition.

But the price and the place was right in Toronto. Lowry got a big time contract, with an opt-out agreement similar to LeBron James’ previous Heat contract and he gets to stay in Toronto.

The Heat and Lakers time is winding down. Their star players are getting older and Lowry is on a young team who are only going to get better. The Rockets roster is so jam packed with stars the issue of whether or not all those egos could even exist on the court together would be a question mark.

Toronto was the safe bet for Lowry and Lowry was a safe bet for Toronto.

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