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Pacers May Be Without George In Game 3

Things are really going wrong for the Indiana Pacers.

The Pacers were well on their way to avenging two years of elimination by the Miami Heat. They may have lost Game 2, but they hanged with the Heat every step of the way, as the series looked to be poised to be a hotly contested one. That was until Paul George went down.

It is being reported that George showed signs of a concussion after the game. A new update this morning from Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, Director of the NBA Concussion Program. While the early word is promising, George is not out of the woods yet:

The Indiana Pacers medical team followed the NBA concussion protocol and there was no indication of concussion during the game. This case illustrates that concussion evaluation is an ongoing process and manifestations of the injury may not always present immediately.

George was injured in a mid-air collision with Dwayne Wade. It was reported after the game that George was having blurry vision.

In Game 2 the Pacers looked to capitalize on their momentum from a Game 1 win and keep home court advantage. The Heat would win by single digits, but the Pacers will have trouble competing if George is out.

George finished with 14 points, five rebounds and six assists in Game 2. George is also a valuable asset on the other end of the ball. He helped keep both Wade and LeBron James well contained throughout the game until the fourth quarter, where we now know he was playing with concussion symptoms.

If George is out, Lance Stephenson could step up and carry more of the weight, though he is often inconsistent. Regardless, if Indiana is without George, Their odds will get worse.

George has two days left until Game 3 in Miami on Saturday to recover.

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