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Pacific Division NBA Championship Odds

The Pacific Division in the NBA is not, at the moment, the most contested division.   The Golden State Warriors sit a comfortable seven games back from the division leading Los Angeles Clippers.  However, with the Golden State Warriors having red hot offense and the Los Angeles Lakers having the talent to turn it around at a moment’s notice, any of these division teams could possibly make a run at the NBA Championship.

Los Angeles Clippers 17/2

The current leader of the Pacific Division also has the best odds of winning an NBA Championship in the division.  The Clipper, in fact, have the fourth best odds at winning the championship in the entire NBA.

The Clippers have been red hot as of late.  They are 7 for 3 on their last ten games and are 8-4 in their division overall.  The Clippers are an in your face team that like to drive it to the basket and they could drive themselves all the way to the NBA Championship.

Los Angeles Lakers 18/1

Despite sitting at third in the division, the Lakers have the second best odds at winning an NBA Championship.  For the Laker it is simply about potential.  They have Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash and Kobe Bryan on their squad, all of whom are huge play makers.  Not to mention they have been getting production from Metta World Peace coming off the bench as well.

The Lakers have been playing better as of late.  They are 6-4 on their last ten.  If they are pulling it together they are doing it slowly.  If they can make the playoffs, perhaps it will give them the motivation they need to start completely functioning as a unit.

Golden State Warriors 50/1

Despite the Warriors 50/1 odds, one player stands out on this squad as a guy that could lead this team to a Championship.  Stephen Curry has been an offensive monster as of late.  In his last two games he has put up 92 points of offense.  On top of that he was that productive against teams that were division leaders.

First, he racked up 38 points against the Pacers.  Then he turned around a couple of days later and put up 54 points against the New York Knicks.  Unfortunately, neither one of those games translated to a win for the Warriors.

If Curry can rally the rest of his team, Golden State could be a legit contender, but Curry cannot do it all on his own.


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