Carolina Super Bowl Future Odds

Panthers Tie At The Top With Patriots In Future Odds


The Carolina Panthers have now risen to co-super bowl favorites in the future odds. The Panthers are tied up in the NFL future odds with the New England Patriots. Both Carolina and the Pats are listed at around 4-1 co-favorites at most books.

The Panther are also listed as favorites in their final four games of the season. Those odds not shifting, of course, depend on the health of the team. Right now they are penciled in as -3.5 road favorites against the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons over the next two weeks. They are also expected to be favored by over a touchdown at home against the Tampa Bay Bucs in Week 17.

The Panthers are still underdogs to finish the season undefeated, however. To take the Panthers as undefeated over at Bovada has a +270 moneyline. Those who want to lay money on the ‘NO’ side are looking at a -330 moneyline.

Carolina has a two game lead in the NFC race over the Arizona Cardinals, should they secure home-field in the next couple off weeks, they could rest some key players which will also have an affect on game odds.

One thing bettors should be mindful of: the Panthers have a two-game lead over the Cardinals for the top seed in the NFC; should they have home-field advantage locked up ahead of Week 16 or Week 17, the might rest some key players in preparation for the playoffs.

Check out the full future odds below:

PATRIOTS 4-1 (5-2)
PANTHERS 4-1 (9-2)
CARDINALS 9-2 (5-1)
BRONCOS 6-1 (7-1)
PACKERS 8-1 (10-1)
BENGALS 8-1 (10-1)
SEAHAWKS 8-1 (14-1)
STEELERS 12-1 (14-1)
VIKINGS 25-1 (14-1)
COLTS 30-1 (25-1)
GIANTS 50-1 (30-1)
JETS 50-1 (80-1)
EAGLES 50-1 (100-1)
TEXANS 60-1 (50-1)
COWBOYS 60-1 (200-1)
REDSKINS 100-1 (60-1)
BUCS 100-1
BILLS 100-1 (200-1)
BEARS 200-1 (100-1)
DOLPHINS 200-1 (300-1)
RAIDERS 500-1 (100-1)
JAGUARS 500-1 (300-1)
SAINTS 1000-1 (300-1)
LIONS 2000-1 (300-1)
RAMS 2000-1 (300-1)
49ERS 2000-1 (5000-1)



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