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Parsons Offended Houston Did Not Match Dallas Offer Sheet

The Southwest division Houston Rockets declined to match the offer sheet signed by Chandler Parsons with the Dallas Mavericks making Parsons the newest member of Dallas with a three year contract worth $46 million.

Parsons will have a chip on his shoulder when he meets his former team for the first time next season as he said he was offended by the Rockets during his restricted free agent process.

Parsons said what bothered him was the that the Rockets made it obvious the franchise did not consider him talented enough to be the team’s third best player for a championship contender.

Parsons said the entire process offended home. He added that the Rockets publicly announced they were looking for a third star when he thought he was that third star for the team.

Parson did say he was not upset with Houston wanting to improve their squad, but he thought his talent was enough to be the third star.

Houston would have matched Dallas’ offer sheet if they had successfully signed Chris Bosh from Miami to join James Harden their shooting guard and Dwight Howard their center as the proven stars on the franchise.

However, Bosh re-signed with Miami and Houston reconsidered its intentions on keeping Parsons, valuing more flexibility under the salary cap over the small forward who had a scoring averaging last season of 16 points, while grabbing over 5 rebounds per game and dishing out 4 assists each game.

Mark Cuban the Dallas owner met with Parsons just after midnight on July 10 so the offer sheet could be official as early as possible starting the 72-hour clock Houston had to match.

Parsons was impressed with how much Dallas expressed its desire to have him on the team. He said they wanted him and pushed to get him to sign and made him feel wanted, something the Rockets failed to do.

Houston even went out and signed Trevor Ariza a small forward who was more affordable while the 72-hour clock was ticking, showing even more so they were not interested in matching the offer sheet by Dallas for Parsons.

 While Dallas had to complete the 72-hour sage of waiting for the signing of Parsons to be official, they felt they had their man before the time was up especially after Ariza signed with Houston.

Cuban said if he were a member of the Houston front office, he would have matched the offer sheet and kept Parsons.

Both teams are still looking for another forward and both Dallas and Houston are interested in Mike Miller.

Last season Parsons played over 37 minutes per game for Houston, which was seven most league wide and just 1.1 minute less per game than the NBA leader Carmelo Anthony.

Monta Ellis a guard for Dallas was eighth at 36.9 minutes a game.

Cuban knows that Parsons will help, as he is younger and can play longer than the veterans they had last season, including Dirk Nowitzki and Shawn Marion.

The first head to head game between division rivals Houston and Dallas will have a big storyline this season with Parsons the lead in the show.

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