Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes & The Chiefs Could Become a Dynasty

In two short years, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has become the most accomplished 24 year old in NFL history.

With his Super Bowl LIV win, Patrick Mahomes became the second youngest starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

He also became the youngest player in any position to win the NFL and Super Bowl MVP. Patrick Mahomes now has the path of an all-time great laid out before him. He’s already checked off the first item on that list – getting that first Super Bowl win early. 

This allows Mahomes to just play, without the pressure of wondering when he’ll have his moment. According to the man himself, he intends to play in Kansas for a long time. While not willing to discuss a contract extension, he said that he has a great team around him.


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“To me, that’s stuff that’s handled with other people,” Mahomes said

“Obviously I want to be in Kansas City for a long time, understand that. I also want to win a lot of football games here and for me, it’s kind of letting that stuff handle itself. I’m in a great organization. I have a great team of guys and girls working for me and so for me it’s about trusting those people, finding the best way to do it in order to have the best team around me and getting that done whenever the time is right.”


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Contrast Mahomes’ rapid rise to Andy Reid, who has waited seemingly forever to win a Super Bowl. Reid has been an NFL coach since 1992, and a head coach since 1999. The 61 year old has no intention of resting on his laurels. It looks like as long as he has Mahomes, he won’t think about retiring. 

“I got this young quarterback over here that makes life easy every day. Every day, man, it’s a pleasure to come to work and know that you have an opportunity to coach him and his teammates. And (general manager) Brett Veach understands what it takes to win but also the kind of people we enjoy working with. So he brings those kinds of guys in and makes it enjoyable. So I really haven’t gone there (thinking about retirement).”

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