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Patrick Queen Chose Steelers To Establish Himself

Former Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen chose to join the Pittsburgh Steelers in spite of more lucrative offers from other teams.

Patrick Queen says his career priority at the moment is playing on a team who can win. In seventeen seasons, Mike Tomlin has never led Pittsburgh to a losing season.

However, they haven’t been a dominant force in the last five years. The Steelers have won the AFC North once since 2018. In that timeframe, they have never progressed beyond the Wild-Card round. 


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“From all the 15 teams that I was talking to, it came down to like five at the end,” said Patrick Queen

“It was just like five teams in the mix. Some of them were offering some $17 (million per year). After that it was like, I have a chance to either go win or I have a chance to get paid. For me, the difference was like $4 or $5 million. I’m looking at it like, I’ve never been on a losing team before, and then I also don’t want to be a part of anything being rebuilt because I’m trying to win now. … I’m really just trying to win right now, get that out the way and then get paid later.”


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“For me, just solidifying myself as a top-three linebacker in the NFL,” Queen said, detailing his individual hopes for 2024. “There’s some people saying top three, some people saying top 10, some people saying top seven — whatever it may be — so my job this year is just to solidify top three. No order. I don’t care as long as I solidify myself top three. That’s what my goal is. And what comes with is All-Pro, Pro Bowl, tackles, turnovers. I think turnovers is the biggest thing. Getting my hands on the ball, whether that’s forced fumbles, interceptions, whatever I got to do.”

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