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Patriots Might Have New Challenger in Dolphins

Sometimes a team will transform from a nothing to something great. The reasons for that vary, but a good example could by taking place in south Florida with the AFC East Miami Dolphins.

There are other times when teams are completely dominant and stay that way for a long period. That would be the New England Patriots.

The start of a possible transition of power in the AFC East could be taking place but with the talent the Patriots have, it might take longer than some people think.

Chasing the Pats are the new look Dolphins but they will not catch them this season, but could very well do it next year.

The Dolphins have the talent at quarterback, the defense has started to live up to its billing and the overall outlook is turning brighter in south Florida.

However, as long as the AFC East has a New England No. 12 jersey on the field, New England will dominant the division and is a strong contender for the Super Bowl.

This year no one will beat the Pats in the AFC East. They will likely go 8-0 against division opponents could go 16-0 for the season.

Tom Brady continues playing at a level that has been rarely seen in the game. Brady is like a combination of Dan Marion, Joe Montana, Jim Kelly and Warren Moon all rolled into one.

After his win on Sunday over the Jets, Brady is 22-6 as a starting quarterback against them. Another statistic that needs to be read at a snail’s pace is – New England at home is 107-18 with Brady as a starter.

The Pats are 77-0 in home games dating back to 2000 when leading starting the third quarter.

The thing that is nearly mythical about Mr. Brady is that he plays better as each game goes on. During the fourth quarter, when it appeared the Jets were rallying, Brady hit 14 of his 17 passes for 150 yards with two touchdowns.

With the way Brady plays, no one in the AFC East, the AFC or even the NFL will be knocking the Pats off their perch any time soon.

However, the heir to the AFC East throne is more likely the Miami Dolphins that any of the other three teams. The Buffalo Bills do not have the quarterback needed to win division titles in Tyrod Taylor, the Jets do not have one either in Ryan Fitzpatrick or Geno Smith when he returns. However, with Ryan Tannehill the Dolphins have a deadly accurate passer who can win games with a support crew around him.

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