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Peak Adorableness: Chicago Cubs Meet Real Bear Cubs

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear at this juncture, on Friday the Chicago Cubs staged a spring training meet-and-greet with a pair of stunningly adorable three-month-old bear cubs from the “Bearizona” conservation center in Williams, Arizona.

Chicago Sun-Times Cubs beat writer Gordon Wittenmyer was among those who captured the cuddling that ensued and was generous enough to share via Twitter the moment that will, short of winning a World Series, surely be the highlight of their season.

Though it wasn’t mentioned in their initial report, a subsequent follow-up on the Cubs website did note a possible connection (beyond the Cubs-cubs link) to the visit. Apparently manager “Joe Maddon is trying to create a clever contest for fans to name the two cubs, who will someday grow into 550- to 600-pound bears”

A clarification that, honestly, raises more questions than it answers. Questions like, “Huh?,” and, “Why?,” and, “Does Cubs writer Carrie Muskat really think enough people don’t know that baby bears grow into regular sized bears to warrant the inclusion of such profoundly extraneous information.”

Not that an explanation is required. Bear cubs are a welcome addition to almost any event.

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