Pete Carroll, Seahawks

Pete Carroll Unperturbed By Naysayers Ahead Of Week 1

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll isn’t buying the fatalistic thinking around his team for the upcoming season.

It’s something of a new era in Seattle following the departure of quarterback Russell Wilson.

To further highlight this, Wilson brings the Denver Broncos to Seattle to open the season on Monday night football.

A win over Denver would be a major milestone for the young Seahawks. Lose, however, and the symbolism will serve to amplify the doubters. Either way, Pete Carroll will pay them no attention.


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“I don’t feel like any part of any of that is what’s true other than the fact that that’s what people think. I’m not in that business now,” Pete Carroll said. 

“I’m in the business of helping these guys get ready to play with all of the work that we do and all of the mentality and the culture and the environment that we’re in. We’ve been averaging 10 wins a year for the last 20-something years [dating back to 2001-2009 run at USC]. You think I could think anything different than that? I don’t. I don’t see any reason my expectations should change at all.”


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“I don’t care what anybody says,” Carroll said of doubters. “People have been saying stuff about teams for years. They don’t know. They’re just guessing at this point, and then we go and prove it and we see where we are … Win a big game in the opener or struggle and not win a big game in the opener, you’ve got to come back and get going again and back on track regardless.”

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