Police looking for Raiders LB Aldon Smith on suspicion of domestic violence

By Amber Lee

Early on Sunday morning, a report emerged that Oakland Raiders pass rusher Aldon Smith had been involved in yet another domestic violence incident, and that he fled the scene before police arrived.

Sunday afternoon, NBC Bay Area’s John Zucelli confirmed this report, citing the San Francisco Police Department. The victim in this case suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Smith, who recently got engaged, is currently being pursued by police, who would like to discuss the incident further.

Although Smith is a member of the Raiders organization, he is currently out of the league, listed under the reserve/suspended section on the Raiders roster. Smith has a long history of off-field incidents that have derailed his NFL career, and his life.

He cooperated with another domestic violence investigation back in February of 2017and also was detained by police in March of 2017 after an incident with a police cruiser. Last September he reached a plea deal in a DUI case that saved him from serving jail time.

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