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Potential Kevin Durant Return Upheaves Nets Odds

Of the players who may benefit from the NBA’s suspended season, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant tops the list. 

Kevin Durant has yet to step on the court for his new team. However, after a three month break in the season, he could be ready to return. 

As a result, the Brooklyn Nets’ championship odds have plummeted dramatically. On Wednesday, Caesars Sportsbook slashed their odds from 750 – 1 to 60 – 1. No other team’s odds have changed this dramatically as a result of the restart. 

All the chatter so far has been how the reformatted NBA season will play out. However, with so many new challenges and uncertainties, how will the betting market play out?


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Brooklyn currently holds the 7th seed in the East, and the return of Kevin Durant could be pivotal. 

Caesars Director of Trading Jeff Davis says that the insular nature of the season restart means that outside factors are a lot less relevant now.

“I would rather be cautious and deal 60-1 than get hurt when we hear news [of Durant and Irving returning],” he said.

I don’t want to post 150-1 odds, and the problem is you take a bet of a couple thousand and it pays $300,000 and you’re stuck if [Durant is] good.

“Every single team is in the same situation. I don’t know what the schedule is going to look like, but it won’t be awkward travel of cities and time zones. Everyone is basically staying in the same area and has the same rules. I think a lot more outside factors are going be equal.”


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The Los Angeles Lakers are still favorites to win the NBA championship at 2 – 1. They are trailed by the Clippers ( +325), the Bucks (+275) and the 76ers (25 – 1). 

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